I'm a mostly self-taught fashion photographer living in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Photography has always been a part of my life, even when I was a toddler my parents
gave me a little red film camera with no batteries or film; and yet I would still pretend
it took photos and asked my parents to have the film developed
(never understanding
each time that this was clearly not possible)

In the spring of 2009 I came across a small photography contest to create a
fantasy image and suddenly felt inspired. I grabbed a friend who lived behind me,
black wings, a ladder (aka tripod) and with my little point-and-shoot I directed my first
photo shoot with an image I thought for sure would win. Whoops, that was silly of me to think.
But the feeling it gave me while I was shooting was so incredible I had to keep it alive. 
I continue to use both digital and film and continually experiment with new
ways of incorporating fine-art into my work.

My goal is to be featured in fashion magazines world-wide and unique advertisements
that acquaint my vision for romantic and classic poses, use of light and space
within the frame and capturing of "the moment".

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